Wake up, Syerleena

Syerleena grew up ‘in the laps’ of DAP. This explains her acute disability to understand the potential threat hovering over Islam in the country through the lenses of the Deen.

Not surprisingly, her statement merely confirms her basic and skeletal understanding of this Divine ideology and how it engages with the world.

It would be advisable for Syerleena to assign herself to an indepth study about Islam through its primary sources, and try to seriously appreciate how Islam interacts with politics and the universe.

She would then be enlightened that the very foundation and essence of this ideology of Islam is Tauhid i.e the Unity of Allah. This will act as her beacon and a much needed hand to extract herself from the confusion currently clouding her mind, and perhaps will assist her in finding the truth about herself – who she really is, her origins, the purpose of her existence and her final destination.

As a gentle refresher, we would like to remind Syerleena that ISMA is an Islamic organisation, guided by Islam. We view everything that happens around us through the outlook and viewpoint of Islam. Conservatism and fundamentalism is not (and never was) part of the Islamic vocabulary. Thus it has nothing to do with ISMA.

The Islam that ISMA understands and holds steadfastly to is Islam as a Divine Religion and Ideology that promotes peace, harmony, tolerance and moderation. However this does not render Islam to be a religion which encourages its adherents to be complacent, cowards and weak hearted.

Islam will respond accordingly whenever it is threatened, without fear or favour.

Syarleena is mostly welcomed to sit with other members of ISMA in their weekly Usrah to enrich her mind better about what ISMA really is…

Mohd Firdaus Salleh Hudin
ISMAweb Editor



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