Tay Tian Yan, TMI slammed over ‘so-called’ ignorance

BANGI, 9 Jan – Malaysian netizens slam The Malaysian Insider (TMI) and Mysinchew.com editor Tay Tian Yan for their ignorance in acknowledging Muslim NGO’s contribution to the recent flood in the east coast states.

Tay’s article “Where were they during the floods?” that was republished by TMI on 7th January 2015 was quickly condemned by Malaysians who regarded the writer and news portal as ignorant and the piece of article “rubbish”.

Azzah Suboh commented on Facebook: “Depa memang ignorant and like to assume all people in this world are ignorant just like them. Shame on TMI. Better vanish from media world. No honesty in reporting. Just annoying. Hopefully all their readers will be a lot smarter in finding the correct news.”

Another netizen, Sulyzza Effendi commented: “B***** ignorant, TTY/TMI. I myself been following flood news updates from ISMA, Perkasa, and any other bodies/agencies ally with them. They also have been sending helps to flood victims. Their contributions did not make it to media headlines (especially yours), do not mean they did not contribute anything. Get your fact straight before you make such unjust statement.”

Netizens who have been following Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA)’s Facebook page and very aware of ISMA’s massive outreach to the flood victims had strongly stood by ISMA with motivating words for ISMA to continue delivering good services to the community and to ignore such worthless articles.

Daniel Chong wrote in a comment: “I follow this group just to observe different world views and this post is really fair in pointing out what a fool this Tay guy is. From what I’ve observed in the posts here, ISMA has been doing a lot since day one. Great job!”

Mohd Azharul commented: “ISMA send their medical team. Perkasa did their part to the extend renting a helicopter. They did their part. These 2 keyboard warrior I assume does do much expect making up baseless story promoting hatred.”

Another netizen by the name Raja Ili Liyana said: “It’s very clear how ISMA contribute sooooo much during this season. Bak kata peribahasa sudah terang lagi bersuluh.”

Duktur Adri commented: “As long as you guys do a good job. People that receive your help will appreciate it. Those people out there just know to talk but do nothing.”

Even Marina Mahathir, who have had differences with ISMA and Wanita ISMA on several issues found it pertinent to correct some misconception about ISMA’s role and contribution in the flood relief efforts.

In a Facebook comment, another ignorant social media user by the name of William Arul who claimed that he “cannot find la” any efforts by Perkasa and ISMA, was rebutted by Marina who responded: “William, to be fair, apparently ISMA did organize their own teams to the East Coast to help flood victims. It’s in a MMOL story”.

Writer of the Malay Mail Online, Zurairi AR on his twitter account referred to the article and tweeted: “Not a fan of them, but this is bullocks. ISMA had a major flood relief effort.”

Others netizens like Dzulkapli Mdnor and Rozana Jamal disagree that they are ignorant, rather it is a “psychological war mission or agenda” that is very clear to instill hatred and doubts among Malaysians.

Tay’s attempt to downplay the contribution of the Malay muslim NGO’s by highlighting the activities of Buddhist and Chinese organisations was countered with remarks of “chauvinist”, “racist” and “a bunch of compulsive liars” by netizens.

Mohd Nizar directed the question back to Tan Tian Yan by saying: “Mereka buat kerja amal dengan tak menunjuk-nunjuk dan bermegah-megah. Tay Tian Yan jangan cari salah orang lain. Apa sumbangan anda?” (They do charity without showing off and taking pride, Tay Tian Yan do not find faults of others. What have you contributed?)

The infamous TMI, known for their continuous defamatory and slanderous articles of Muslim groups like ISMA was also branded by netizens as a “cheap”, “bias”, “chauvinist” and “online portal with hidden agenda” to list a few.

Tay in his article ‘”Where were they during the floods?” that was posted in Mysinchew.com had dismissed the role and efforts of Perkasa and ISMA in helping the flood victims, claiming “when they are really needed, they are nowhere in sight”.

Subtly invoking racist slurs towards its Chinese-majority readers, the editor of mysinchew.com stated that groups like ISMA “only know how to make a lot of noise” and give “boisterous promises” to the Malaysians.

His ignorance and ill-writing reached its peak when he concluded the article with a statement: “Perhaps the next time Perkasa and Isma make a fuss about nothing, we should toss this question to them: Where were you during the floods?” despite the fact that ISMA has gathered donations worth thousands of ringgit and effectively delivered to the flood victims through their series of flood-relief missions participated by up to a thousand volunteers.



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