The Confusion of ‘Islamic’ Feminism and Dr. Amina Wadud

I WAS wandering around Twitter and found someone who retweeted Amina Wadud’s (the liberal and feminist ‘Islamic cleric’) tweet. I’m sure it’s from her official account or as you can check her twitter handle: @aminawadud

By the time I’m writing this, Amina Wadud already blocked me on Twitter and didn’t respond to any of my argument.

Allow me to quote her tweet here:

“Folks LOVED that dead beat dad comment (sic). Since NONE could quote Qur’anic commandment to desert them. It still stands. Ask any woman abandoned”

In other words, she’s calling Ibrahim a.s a deadbeat (want to blame men) for leaving Hajar in the desert. Then, when she found many people disagreed with her, she asked them to quote one verse from Quran that Allah commanded Ibrahim a.s. to do that. Even if she want to emphasize Hajar’s role in this situation, there are still many ways to do it without questioning or denying Allah’s command and insulting Ibrahim a.s. Not to mention, she tried to picture Ibrahim a.s. ‘leave’ Hajar for his own purpose or desire.

Thanks to Ustaz Ad Dien Abdul Kadir, I managed to see the arguments that debunk Amina Wadud’s logic. I’ll elaborate both his points and mine below:

1 – Hajar is the second wife of Ibrahim a.s., when Ibrahim a.s. left her at the valley of Arabian desert and she knew it was the command from Allah, Hajar neither complain nor consider it as an abandonment. But yet, some people who their faith, far from Hajar’s claimed so. She and Ibrahim a.s. were under no allusions about the command and test Allah had presented to them. She put her faith and tawakkal fully on Allah and realized there’s always hikmah behind each of His words and plans.

2 – When some people showed her the proof from Hadith Shahih from Sahih Bukhari, Prophets, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 583), she responded:

“STIL not one citation in the Qur’an…a LONGER version of a hadith is NOT equal to Qur’an. One is from Allah, one is from Prophet (pubh)”

Which from this statement, I believe this way of thinking similar to those Quranists who reject hadith even it’s shahih. She didn’t even realize what she has demanded above contradict her own argument at first.

3 – Amina Wadud took the ‘abandonment’ story from from hadith (note that this story was not in Quran but in narration of hadith that shahih), but then she rejected the proof from that hadith which showed it’s the command of Allah. She repeatedly demanded citation from Quran to prove it’s the command from Allah but she didn’t even cite the story from the Quran itself. This is a clear ignorance, taking some part of hadith to bash Ibrahim a.s. and blame men and then reject the other part that showing it’s the command of Allah. Bipolar disorder? No?

4 – I’ll quote Ustaz Ad Dien’s words:

“Quranist said they obey Quran not hadith.Allah said:”Whatever Messenger has given you take;what he forbid, refrain from” Obey Quran really? They already disobey Allah at first when reject hadith. Claim as master in Quran but actually an ignorance who depend on Quran translation. They depend on so many hadith narration as sources of criticism but when people want to argue it, they reject argument from narration. See? Like “kid” want to enter boxing match. They can punch people till knock out but when his opponent want to punch back, they said it’s unfair~”

5 – Another analogy is: She shot you with a bullet she got from store A, she knew that the same bullet is not available at store B but yet demanded that other people can only shoot her with the same bullet, but must obtain it from store B. She knew she doesn’t have what it takes to win, instead of admitting it, she put herself in denial and just rejected other people’s arguments even if it contradicted herself.

This kind of fallacy from these so called ‘Islamic’ liberalists and feminists such as Amina Wadud and Sisters In Islam has come to the level where we can refer it as absurd. They even contradict their own argument and put themselves in denial as long as they can have this ‘imaginary look’ as the winner.

I wonder how these people can look up to Amina Wadud as the ‘scholar’ of Islam.

Wan Mohd Firdause Bin Wan Jesfrydi
Activist of Persatuan Belia Islam Nasional (PEMBINA) UNIMAS

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