Isma Australia welcomes newly arrived students

MELBOURNE, 16 Jamadilakhir – Isma Australia Victoria Chapter held its first event of the year, Kickstart 2018, at the Melbourne’s Multicultural Hub. The even gathered first-year students who are new to Melbourne, giving them the opportunity to get to know one another as well as meet their seniors.

A total of 60 students attended the event, which officially began after the Zuhr prayers. Among the esteemed guests present were Isma Australia Chairperson, Ahmad Azfar Mohamaddiah as well as the Director of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) Australia, Mr. Ahmad Zuriat Ahmad Tejuddin.

In his keynote address, Mr. Ahmad Zuriat reminded the attendees to always stay focused and to live a balanced lifestyle. He also reminded the students to keep in touch with their parents to let them know that they’re doing well here in Melbourne.

Muhammad Zuhaili, who recently graduated with a Masters degree in Electrical Power, led a slot on financial management called ‘Orang Kaya Melbourne’. Inspired by his colleague and mentor, Alwi Adam, Mr. Zuhaili shared insightful knowledge with the attendees on how to better manage their income and expenses.

Addina Hakim and Nazeera Jahan teamed up to deliver the slot ’10 Tips and Tricks on Being a Top Student’. Both sisters have track records of academic excellence from the University of Melbourne, one of the top universities in the world. One of the tips shared was on practising ‘tawakkal’. It is very important for students to put their faith in Allah first for it is with His blessings that will lead them to success.

The most anticipated session was the Q & A session, which gave the attendees the opportunity to ask the speakers as well as the seniors on a wide range of questions. It was a rare experience to see the seniors answering inquiries from the attendees in a public setting, which more than proves their genuineness in helping out their juniors as they settle down in the city.

The attendees enjoyed the program and there were sights of many cheerful faces, eager to embark on their new lives in Melbourne. Isma Australia wishes all new students the best of luck and hopes to see them again at future events.

Syafiq Adnan
Communication and Multimedia Bureau
Isma Australia (Victoria Chapter)



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