Where is your so-called ‘freedom of speech’, Ng Wei Aik?

BANGI, 26 Dec – DAP’s Ng Wei Aik statement to ban ISMA is seen as a hatred remark to stop the voices of Islam in Malaysia.

According to ISMA’s Women Chief,Ustazah Norsaleha Mohd Salleh, the statement made was definitely amplifying their hate towards Islam.

“All these while they (DAP) have been making racist and radical remarks, disrespecting Islam and the muslims which form the majority of this country, dishonouring the constitution that has hold the nation together for so long and continuously harping on sensitive issues that raise the anger of the Muslims, and now they suddenly want to ban ISMA for talking about Islam?

“Who do they think they are?” she said.

Ustazah Norsaleha explained there was nothing wrong about the article by Abu Ameen, as he was only explaining the viewpoint of Islam.

“However, nobody said we could not wish the Christians ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Have an amazing Festive Season’ or anything like that.

“We’ve had ISMA members across the world wishing ‘Happy Holidays’ to their Christian friends and nobody took that as a disrespect just because they said ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’.

“So what’s all the fuss about? Who is not respecting who?” she asked.

Ustazah Norsaleha also made a point that the call to ban ISMA merely for explaining the religion of Islam as a sign of hypocrisy from DAP.

“Where is the so-called ‘freedom of speech’ they always claim for?

“Clearly they are hypocrites for stopping others from making statements, speaking up and voicing their ideas,” she added.

Earlier, infamous liberal media had quoted the article by Abu Ameen and biasedly reported it to potray a negative image of ISMA despite the facts written in the article was a well-known understanding and has been put forward by various ulama’ all around the world and accepted by muslims in Malaysia.

Ng Wei Aik, former political secretary of DAP’s secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng who had called for ISMA to be banned is known for a furore he created in January 2011 among the Indian Muslim community in Penang for allegedly telling the owner and workers of a nasi kandar outlet to “tutup kedai, balik India” (close shop, go back to India).



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