The extreme liberals say child marriage is wrong but child sex is ok: Lukman Sheriff

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To the extreme liberals, child marriage is wrong but child sex is ok: a liberal guide on how to promote statutory rape.

My post condemning Malay Mail has not gone down well with the liberals. I posted it at “friends of malaysia: civil liberties.” (Someone included me there recently).

To them how can one ever defend statutory rape what more with marriage as solution. Then many of them go bashing the Islamic concept of marriage.

I challenge the admin to write a fairer coverage on the issue. He did write one. He then found out that there are many (in the thousands) of non Muslims underaged marriages. Then he touched that we must educate the young with sexual knowledge using contraceptives.

This is the most ridiculous logic ever and yet they think they are right. They are totally ignorant of our laws and how it works. Before I could respond they cut me out.

They don’t realise that under our penal code having sex with a girl under age is a statutory rape whether she consents to it or otherwise. A strict liability offence. There is no excuse even if she is, forgive me, a prostitute. To circumvent this, especially teenage sex, the sexual education must promote abstinence. There is no other way. If you are so against statutory rape how can you even promote alternatives using contraceptives for underaged sex? The liberals do. See the utter false logic of the liberals.

Suddenly they give excuse that it’s not practical to enforce and we must accept reality. Statutory rape is suddenly impractical and to them it’s imperative to promote sex using contraceptives to these teens. In order words it’s fine to promote statutory rape.

I told them that under Shariah, muslims don’t believe in sex outside marriage. To have sex you must be married. What they don’t realise and ignorant about is that our penal code made explicit exceptions to marriages. If one is married it’s not statutory rape. And our penal code is not alone. It’s similar to India and even Singapore. I’m pretty sure there are many more countries like us as I hadn’t done any research.

I’m not promoting child marriages. I am against it personally as a public value for a society. I want you to note our Islamic enactments also put the age at 16. I note the Islamic treatises on this including shafii’s view on 15. Also please note the fatwa on this issue. See I also note the exception to underage marriage under our Islamic law enactments.

I don’t want us to argue on the position in Islam but the point I want you to note is the selective argument for Islam bashing. Because of their liberal view, they had to accept teenage underage sex as an acceptable value notwithstanding against the statutory rape. Yet they dare condemn Islam as promoting statutory rape by allowing child marriages. This is a false and illogical argument. In fact it’s bigoted.

Secondly they will try to argue that sex and marriage are not related. They will argue that child sex is not wrong but child marriage is wrong. What kind of argument is this? This is where our values totally depart. To us it’s related. Under shariah sex and marriage are connected. We DON’T promote child marriage NOR child sex. That is the current public value under our Islamic laws here practiced by overwhelming Muslim majority. The liberals must accept this value. It has been in practice for ages. Why is it so difficult to accept this?

Another instance of liberalis extremititis. Child marriage not ok but child sex ok. That’s what “liberal (extreme) group” in Malaysia is about.

Lukman Sheriff

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