#RamadhanWatch – Final Episode

WHAT? No Pakatan Hari Raya video? Where is the spirit of Harmoni, Hope, Harapan, and Rahmatun Lil Alamin?

Now that Ramadhan is coming to a close, one would hope that in the spirit of festive celebration, the pakatan of opposition parties, especially DAP, PKR and PAN would come up with a unique video clip encompassing all that they (the opposition) stand for.

They had several performances for Chinese New Year in “Onederful Malaysian CNY (2014), “One Goat Year” (2015), “God Of Prosperity” (2016) and “Tangkap Ayam” (2017) remember?

Why not one for Hari Raya too?

The corporate world has produced many wonderful and amazing Hari Raya ads this year you know.

After all, the DAP has no problem recruiting MPs from PKR and PAN to join in the celebrations.
Surely they can add more sizzle and “kemeriahan” by adding a few artiste wannabe’s from those Muslim activists from NGOs aliigned and very familiar with DAP’s pursuit of Maqasid Shariah and Rahmatun Lil Alamin.

Or perhaps DAP is more concerned with festive celebrations involving a particular ethnicity whose votes are crucial to their survival and relevance?

Or simply an opportunity to mock others subtly?

All play acting and show boating by DAP during this year’s month of Ramadhan has flopped and blundered. The rakyat has enough of “buka puasa” in suraus and masjids to see through the deceptive strategies to win over the hearts of the Malay/Muslim voters.

The rakyat (and voters) are very aware about the issue of evangelism among some of DAP’s leadership ranks and how celupar some chauvinistic DAP leaders’ mouth can be in matters related to Islam, the Shariah, the Muslims or the Islamic institutions in the country.

The voice of and call to reason, sanity, unity, patriotism (ada ke?) and stability by the opposition parties are all mere political rhetorics uttered in honey-laced linguistic jargon meant to confuse and ridicule.

The leftists liberal and pro-opposition media too would join in the chorus gleefully. Their media massacre against any those writers, organizations, institutions who dared to stand up to the opposition’s arrogance will be as ferocious as the online attack by the frenzied voracious footsoldiers, khadams and punggung-lickers.

Examples are aplenty.

Any apologies tendered for reckless provocative statements directed against any Muslims or offensive seditious publications have been obvious trademarks of unrepentant diehard habitual offenders. They are just afterthoughts.

So let us throw them (DAP, PKR, PAN and the lestists pro-Opposition media moguls) a CHALLENGE to produce a truly Malaysian Hari Raya video clip minus the political overtones.

You think they are up to it?

Me, I don’t think so.

But if they cannot produce a heartwarming video clip great enough to merit our applause, I can tell you what we the rakyat can do to express our gratitude:

By showing them the exit in the 14th GE!

Muhammad Luttfi Abdul Khalid

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