Khairy, Please Respect The Constitution, Fair Doesn’t Mean Equal Rights

I’d like to comment on the statement made by Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin during the TN50x session on 17 July 2017 that Malay-dominated fully residential schools (SBP) should also be abolished if vernacular schools were to go.

While I would expect this kind of statement from the chauvinist groups such as DAP and the same-minded people, it is mind boggling and rather embarrassing to see it comes from a minister of a party that claims to champion the Malays’ right. Either he doesn’t have a clear understanding of the country’s constitution that accords special privileges and rights to Malays and bumiputera, or he has different agendas for his own political mileage, it is unbecoming for a Malay minister to even suggest such thing.

While it is tempting to succumb to the current trend of “equal rights” championed by several racist quarters, KJ as a minister from the governing party should uphold the sanctity of the country’s constitution. Perhaps we should make it compulsory for all ministers and political leaders from both sides to learn about our consitution so that they will not mislead Rakyat, or at least do not have an excuse when giving any contradictory statement to the constitution.

At the same time, I strongly encourage KJ to shift his focus to more pressing issues concerning the country’s youth such as unemployment, social and health issues. With youth represents half of the country’s population, this is more productive and suits his ministerial portfolio.

We at Pemuda ISMA, comprising members that are multi discipline with various expertise from entrepreneurship, oil & gas to islamic religious studies, are more than happy to share our expertise and ideas with the ministry in developing Malaysia’s youth particularly Malays that can compete globally, uphold the constitution and at the same time be a good muslim and Rakyat.

Farid Hussin
Youth Chief,
Malaysian Muslim Solidarity (ISMA)



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