Manipulative Muslim VS Abusive Non Muslim

On the left is Siti Kassim, a self-claimed Muslim lady (though it was painful to watch her sit and talk), and on the right is YB Anthony Loke, a non-Muslim gentleman (also excruciating to listen to his arrogant reply about a Muslim stewardess’ uniform).

Apart from the glaring differences of gender, race and religion between them, do you see any similarities between the two?

Well,I do. They both showed their INTOLERANCE to RELIGION. One is MANIPULATIVE and the other is ABUSIVE.

Should this be a surprise to the Muslims or Islamists?

Nah! Allah has already warned us about this in His ayah:

“And when it is said to them, “What has your Lord sent down?” They say, “Legends of the former peoples,”(Al-Nahl:24)

“And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow (depend on) their religion (Al-Baqarah: 120)

Would you agree with me if I say any debate or conversation or engagement is impossible when we are using different standard of judgement and framework of argument?

Certain universal human rights activists argue that we should allow diversity in people by only drawing the line at harm principles.

Well, I personally think that this is a highly unreliable approach to diversity.

In Islam, anything and everything is argued within the boundaries of Quran and Sunnah as the ultimate source of reference, not just any Tom Dick or Harry’s personal logic.

So anything and everything that goes against those or move further from those boundaries is already considered harmful. It’s not a way of attacking a Muslims’ personal right or simply banning a Muslim’s diverse perspective but rather because it is a disregard for the highest authority which is Allah’s.

Just as human history survives so far with a systematic law of nature (sunnatullah), in Islam, society that refuses to adhere to the laws of Allah (syariatullah) will also tumble as the history (seerah in Quran and hadeeth) revealed.

Pro-LGBT liberals for instance support the act of same-sex relationships simply because they consider that a universal human right. But they completely overlooked the harm it causes such as HIV, STDs( sexually transmitted diseases) and gender role confusion in the society.

However Islam with its systematic ruling including having a leader (khalifah) and the syariah shuts these types of harm from spreading further and harming the society through laws & legislation (hukum). These are done not for some personal vendettas or due to mere disagreements with certain groups of people but to protect the society at large (mas’ulah ummah) and to uphold the values in the religion that we believe to save the humankind from destruction.

To Muslim believers, who better to tell us how to do that but Allah?

Alhamdulillah, in Malaysia our laws & constitution are in accordance to achieving the objective of protecting the people from harmful ideas or principles as described in Constitution of Malaysia, Article 11: Freedom of Religion

1) Every person has the right to profess and practice his religion and, subject to Clause (4), to propagate it.

(4) State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.

So, to Siti Kassim I would say you can even be a nudist all you want and you won’t instantly be stroked by lightning but as long as Malaysia remains as an Islamic majority country, we can’t simply ignore you if you do that or mind our own business because it is also our human right to live with civilized people who practice modesty and not ‘mencolok our mata’ in this Malay Muslim majority country.

As for Anthony Loke, if you can demand certain rights for your people, we Muslims have all the rights to do the same. Denying that makes you a selfish racist minister abusing your power by not giving the right of Muslims to practice their religion.

But should this be a surprise too for us Muslims?

Nope! That’s what happens when we give the governance of a Muslim-majority country to a Non Muslim & all it takes for evil to prevail when no righteous person takes a stand. The sad reality of current government ruling.

“And it has already come down to you in the Book that when you hear the verses of Allah [recited], they are denied [by them] and ridiculed; so do not sit with them until they enter into another conversation. Indeed, you would then be like them”(Al-Nisa:140)

So, when somebody is making fun of words of Allah (ie Quran), leave them and make no alliance with them. Both of them did not kick anyone’s ass. They were just ranting selfish crap showing their arrogance ans intolerance for the mass to judge.

Manipulative muslims (hypocrites) during Rasullulah’s time was somewhat discreet and low key in public that their identity was only known once they were gone but the ones we’re seeing in modern times are shamelessly evident and vocal about their mission to stand by the kafirun (abusive non Muslims) and condemn the muslims.

So,when somebody is making fun of words of Allah (ie Quran), leave them and make no alliance with them.

While we protect the sanctity of Islam through laws,we also put our complete trust in Allah where He promised “Indeed Allah will gather the hypocrites and disbelievers in Hell all together” (Al Nisa:140)


Nurhidayah Rahim
ISMA Gombak



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